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~about the maker

I’m a girl, known for having a weird relationship with Photoshop. It easily happens that I just let it lie there for months, only for making dozens of icons in 2 days because I just have to.
I love good graphics, polaroids, milk chocolate without hazelnuts, long well-written fanfictions, bakery and everything in between.

~bring me the luv

In case it wasn’t clear, I’m a slash fangirl. A die hard one, too. Yeah, I know I rock ;) I have some het couples among my team, but who has never dreamt of pushing Mary Sue out of the picture and lock the 2 hot guys in the wardrobe for 2 hours?! Anyhow, if that’s not your cup of tea, I’ll put warnings on every post where slash is prominent.
House MD: CHASE/CAMERON, HOUSE/CUDDY Lie to me: TORRES/LOKER, Smallville (series): LOIS/CLARK, Grey’s Anatomy: IZZIE/ALEX, Emmerdale: AARON/ADAM, Criminal Minds: MORGAN/REID, Twilight saga: JACOB/EDWARD, Queer As Folk: BRIAN/JUSTIN, Torchwood: JACK/IANTO


All the artworks are made by me. I love when people like and use them, but there are just a few very simple rules which are very important, so please take 2 seconds to read them ;)
1) Credit when you use something. It’s a bit like copyrights.
2) Blanks are not bases. But if you’re swept away by an artistic frenzy and just need to edit, just ask. I won’t bite, if you throw me a cookie first.
3) Don’t claim anything mine as yours. It makes me a really sad panda.
4) Comments are <3. Virtual brownies to everyone who lets me know their opinion. Constructive criticism is more than welcome!
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